Over the past couple of years, I've learned more about natural products and have worked on growing my own herbs and plants, distilling my own oils, and have fine tuned my recipes.

                          Lavender                                    Lemon Balm                                   Rosemary

                   French Lavender                                  Basil                                                   Mint

I started focusing more attention on my lavender plants and a few other herbs, like mint, basil, lemon balm and witch hazel.

Unfortunately, my witch hazel tree was killed by my neighbor's leaky roof dumping tons of water on it. This also killed several of my other plants. So I've started over again, predominently with lavender and rosemary. Rosemary isn't a perenial though, so it didn't last through the winter, like the lavender did.

Then I started making more products using my herbs and lavender...

                    Lip Balm                              Lavender Dry Shampoo              Essential Oil Blends  

                    Body Butter                           Lavender Bath Salts                        Lavender Eye Masks

                  Lavender Soap                          Lavender Belly Butter         Lavender Soy Massage Candle

                                                                              Gift Basket

All of these items can be purchased in my shop or custom ordered...

Oregano                                     Witch Hazel                                    Aloe Vera