Initially I was just an occasional lavender grower. Now I am focusing most of my garden on growing lavender, trying out different types of lavender and including my lavender in my products. Lavender has been known throughout history for it's calming effect and healthful properties, as well as for it's beautiful, well-recognized aroma.

There are three types of lavender:

Lavendula angustifolia, which is the classic lavender used in aromatherapy. It is normally grown at altitudes over 3000 feet. It stands apart from other lavender oils because it contains almost no camphor. This gives it a very sweet floral aroma. It is best for calming and soothing aromatherapy blends and skin formulas.

Lavendula latifolia is organic spike lavender. It grows at lower altitudes and has a strong camphoraceous scent. It is used in fragrance blends and soaps.

Lavender 40/42 is a standardized oil, meaning it should have the same aroma every time you purchase it. To accomplish this, two of the main ingredients, linalool and linalyl acetate, are added to the oil to make up 40/42% of the oil. This is a good oil  to use if you want your product to have the same smell every time you make it.

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