I've always known about the great many uses of witch hazel for treating bruises and other little ailments. When I moved to the canal and started up my Natural Business, I bought a lovely Witch Hazel tree so that I could make my own witch hazel solution from the bark.

Sadly, Witchity only lived about a year before the massive FLOOD from my neighbor's failed drain from his roof swamped my poor little tree.

                                                                      If my little tree had lived, it would have

                                                                      produced some lovely yellow flowers......

4. Make a natural astringent: Control your acne by applying witch hazel to your skin. It will remove excess oil and shrink pores, which will help to prevent future blemishes and blackheads.

5. Stop bleeding: Applying a few drops of witch hazel to small cuts will clean the wound and stop the bleeding.

6. Ease a sore throat: Gargling with witch hazel will reduce swelling, dry up mucus, and ease throat pain.

7. Make a hand sanitizer: Make your own hand sanitizer by combining witch hazel with lavender oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E oil.

8. Soothe bug bites and stings: Massaging witch hazel into your bug bites will take away that pesky sting.

9. Treat hemorrhoids: Applying witch hazel to a cotton ball and then directly onto your bottom is great for easing the pain, itching, swelling, and bleeding of hemorrhoids.


10. Prevent razor burn: Not only will witch hazel prevent bleeding from any nicks you might get while shaving, but the anti-inflammatory properties will also prevent razor burn.

11. Heal diaper rash: Pouring witch hazel onto a cotton ball and rubbing it on your baby's bottom will help heal diaper rash and relieve discomfort.

12. Create a toner: Combine witch hazel with lemon juice to make a DIY toner that will shrink your pores and leave you with a bright, even skin tone.


13. Cleansing dogs' ears: Use witch hazel on a washcloth to wipe the dirt and debris out of your dogs' ears easily.


14. Clean your jewelry: Soak your jewelry in a bowl of witch hazel for 20 minutes and dry the pieces with a soft cloth. Your jewelry will be sparkling in no time!

15. Make deodorant: Applying witch hazel to your underarms will kill the bacteria that causes odor and keep you feeling fresh all day.


16. Makeup-setting spray: Mixing witch hazel with lavender oil will create a makeup finishing spray. For best results, use in a spray bottle.

From my Witch Hazel Tree

RIP 2017

Uses For Witch Hazel

1. Reduce under-eye bags: The anti-inflammatory properties in witch hazel will help reduce the bags and discoloration under your eyes when you dab on a few drops with a Q-tip or cotton ball.

2. Lessen varicose veins: Soaking a washcloth in witch hazel and laying it on your varicose veins will help shrink and tighten the veins to provide temporary pain relief and even help reduce their appearance over time.

3. Cool down a sunburn: Witch hazel will help cool down a sunburn, prevent further peeling, and help heal the skin.